Let us save you THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS!

Are you on the computer searching for homes?
Do you know where you want to live?

If you answered YES to these 2 questions you are IN LUCK!

We understand 91% of home buyers are searching for homes online before they even contact a realtor. If you find the house why does the realtor keep all the commission?

With our new exclusive Buyer Empowerment Program, we want to REWARD you for your efforts in helping to do our job! If you research the homes, neighborhoods, and school districts and find your home- and we let you in and represent you in the transaction we will credit HALF OUR COMMISSION back towards your closing costs at closing!
These Thousands of dollars could free up your cash for :
moving expense
furnishings, etc.

If you are searching for homes without a realtor and could use the extra cash YOU OWE IT TO YOURSELF TO CONTACT US!

At AZ Home Seekers we understand that home buyers have lots of information at there fingertips through the internet that previous generations never had. This empowers buyers. Hey, people go to Web MD online to get an idea of an illness, but they would never think they could practice medicine. Homebuyers have the tools to do a lot of home research but still need a real estate professional to oversee the contract and protect their interests. We want to represent you, but give you the credit and incentive you deserve if you have done the work up front

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